Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Monday, December 26, 2011

SUB011 Subterrestrial - "Event Horizon"

"Event Horizon" is a new space ambient and progressive electronic concept album from Subterrestrial. Follow the first human expedition into deep space on an audio journey that will take you to the very edge of a black hole. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Subterrestrial!

1. Mankind's Dream of the Stars 7:03
2. Journey Underway 7:27
3. Milky Way On End 7:27
4. Dreams Under Warp Drive 5:05
5. Headlong Into Deep Space 6:30
6. Madness at the Edge of a Black Hole 7:30
7. Across the Event Horizon 7:11

Total length: 48:13
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps

Download from Subterrestrial

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Subterrestrial - "Map of the Interior World" (Re-release)

"Map of the Interior World" was a four track EP of experimental generative chiptune music, available on a specially packaged 3.5" floppy disk from Diskette Etikette Rekords, catalog number DER008. It was originally release date on July 27, 2010 and limited to 35 copies. Since the original print run has sold out, DER has released this EP on it's in-house netlabel Diskette Etikette Net as a free download.

1. interior_world1.map 1:06
2. interior_world2.map 1:33
3. interior_world3.map 0:42
4. interior_world4.map 2:10

Format: VBR MP3 and Ogg Vorbis

Download from DEN | Visit the website

Monday, December 5, 2011

The White Cane - Sadayatana Podcast #56

Another great dark ambient program from podcaster John Tocher and Sadayatana, this time featuring "Salt, Sulphur & Mercury" from Subterrestrial's recently released Immutable Law. If you're a fan of this type of music (and if you're reading this blog, you probably are) download the podcast and help support this great broadcaster/podcaster!

Download & Stream | Visit Sadayatana

Monday, November 28, 2011

SUB010 Subterrestrial - "Immutable Law"

"Immutable Law" explores harmonic drones and dark minimal soundscapes inspired by the ancient art of alchemy.

1. Salt, Sulphur & Mercury 7:25
2. Lapis Philosophorum 7:00
3. The Emerald Tablet 7:05
4. Homunculi 6:36
5. Magnum Opus 7:16

Total length: 35:21
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps

Download from Subterrestrial

Monday, November 14, 2011

Womb of Night - Sadayatana Podcast #53

The latest show by the great dark ambient podcast Sadayatana aired this past Friday night and it features most of Subterrestrial's latest album "Dead But Dreaming" in addition to a plethora of other great music, as always. Please check out the podcast and help support this great podcaster!

Download & Stream | Visit Sadayatana

Monday, October 31, 2011

SUB009 Subterrestrial - "Dead But Dreaming"

"Dead But Dreaming" is a dark ambient tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, a virtual soundtrack to the Cthulu Mythos. Creeping atmospheres inspired by the ancient nightmares portrayed in his fiction work. Happy Halloween!

1. Strange Aeons 7:30
2. The Colour Out of Space 12:16
3. Necronomicon 8:12
4. Abdul Alhazred 5:55
5. The Dreams in the Witch House 7:12
6. Dream City of R'lyeh 7:36
7. The Whisperer in Darkness 6:51

Total length: 55:32
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps

Download from Subterrestrial

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Black Square Cloudcast - Paroxismus

Subterrestrial is pleased to participate once again in the latest installment of Black Square Netlabel's Cloudcast series. This program features "Lost in the Game Grid" from Subterrestrial's Insert Coin EP.

Download & Stream | Visit Black Square Netlabel

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

v.a.- "Electronic Experimental March"

A compilation of creative commons electronic experimental music from March 2011. Featuring lots of great music, including "Transmission 07" from Subterrestrial's Transmissions from the Hollow Earth.

Listen & Stream | Visit ComputerMusicNeix

Monday, October 24, 2011

v.a. - "Acid Police Eternal Volume 2"

"Acid Police Eternal Volume 2 is now ready for downloading brought to you by: Rainbow Bridge Recordings (rb-107) and Egyptian Tea Records ---download here---(229.58 mb)---"

  • 1. Bah, Tsar Jenny Troth - Dakposkala Actuary (7:29)
  • 2. Cheapmachines - Fluke (5:05)
  • 3. Dull - Sounds From Pluto (3:27)
  • 4. Moscow Wires - We've Given Up On Space (5:55)
  • 5. Endometrium Cuntplow - A Pain Never Understood [Reverse_Mix] (5:37)
  • 6. False Flag - So Who Can The People Turn To For Solutions? (2:09)
  • 7. Subterrestrial - Universal Mind (7:00)
  • 8. Fimmtiu Og Einn - Wisdom Tooth Cock Ring (2:03)
  • 9. Vagina* - U.F.O. (4:02)
  • 10. Inappropriate King Live - Skeleton Babies (5:34)
  • 11. The Uh... - The Cinder Lady (3:39)
  • 12. Buildings And Mountains - Underwater (10:09)
  • 13. Dementia And Hope Trails - Scorched Winter (2:40)
  • 14. Pregnant Spore - Movies Like Memories Like Tsunamis (Live @ Candle Haus/Rainbow Bridge Fest II)
  • 15. Panther Modern - The Prophecies Of The Shadow (10:03)
  • 17. Widow's Bath - Weakling (23:22)
  • 18. Youthful Masturbation Techniques - F The Jamspace (0:49)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

SUB008 Subterrestrial - "Subterrestrial"

This self-titled release from Subterrestrial is a collection of chiptune and micromusic recorded between June 2010 and July 2011. Some tracks were recorded for compilations (most of which never saw release,) many more were recorded specifically for this collection. Styles range from ambient to post-rock and experimental utilizing 8-bit, analog and circuit bent sounds. With twelve tracks, there's bound to be something on this collection for everyone.

1. Into the Chasm 4:43
2. Tahoe Shimmer 3:38
3. Neighborhood Arcade 4:30
4. Gallifreyan Waltz 2:55
5. The Key and the Eye 4:03
6. It's Summer Somewhere 2:55
7. The Polar Openings as Viewed From Space 4:20
8. Alone in the Darkness 2:02
9. Asagiri 3:05
10. Ueno Park After Dark 4:45
11. Ancient Behemoth 4:06
12. Return to the Surface 3:28

Total length: 44:28
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps

Download from Subterrestrial

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

(dis)PERSE Dispatch Episode #36

(dis)PERSE Dispatch is a weekly broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands produced and hosted by Alan Herrick of Auricular Records. He's played Subterrestrial's music on previous podcasts, though on a recent show he actually opened and closed the program with "The Old Water Tank" and "The Gate at the Beach" respectively from Subterrestrial's recently released album "The Old Water Tank" on Treetrunk Records. Please check out the archived podcast and help support this great broadcaster!

Download & Stream | Visit (dis)PERSE Dispatch

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Blue Lawn - Sadayatana Podcast #43

Another recent show by internet broadcaster/podcaster John Tocher and his great show Sadayatana. His September 3 show featured the title track from Subterrestrial's recently released album "The Old Water Tank" on Treetrunk Records. Please check out the podcast and help support this great radio show!

Download & Stream | Visit Sadayatana

Saturday, September 10, 2011

REVIEW: Infinite Inertia - "The Colour Out Of Space"

It isn't often that I write and post a review for this blog (chalk it up to my own laziness/selfishness) but when I do it's usually of The Netherlands' Infinite Inertia. Usually known for producing some of the deepest, darkest minimal ambient atmospheres, he's really outdone himself with this latest, Lovecraftian-themed release. "The Colour Out Of Space" presents us with a decidedly more dense and complex soundscape where ancient monstrosities call from the deepest depths and snatches of melody lure us into madness like a siren's song. Highly recommended if you're looking for your next "soundtrack without a movie."

Download | More Infinite Inertia

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Unknown Pleasures Vol. 45

Temple of Despair Radio recently featured Subterrestrial's "H-21" album in it's entirety on their show Unknown Pleasures. The show is quite lengthy (the archived podcast is divided into two parts) and features blocks by several other artists as well. Please check out the podcast and support this great internet broadcaster!

Part One | Part Two | Visit ToDRadio

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Subterrestrial - "The Chemical Marriage"

Just released by Sounds Behind the Corner Production, a netlabel division of the Sounds Behind the Corner webzine, "The Chemical Marriage" is something of a virtual soundtrack to the old alchemical text of the same name. Subterrestrial creates dark ambient atmospheres with progressive electronic influence. Featuring back cover and liner notes by Nicola Tenani.

1. Invitation to a Royal Wedding 7:15
2. Four Paths 7:00
3. Weighing of the Virtues 7:30
4. Beheading of the Royal Persons 7:30
5. Tower of Olympus 7:00
6. Restored to Life 7:45
7. Knights of the Golden Stone 7:15

Total length: 51:15
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps MP3

Download from SBTCP | Visit the Website

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Subterrestrial - "The Old Water Tank"

New release on Mystified's Treetrunk Records netlabel. "The Old Water Tank" is Subterrestrial’s latest installment in an ongoing series of isolationist ambient works focusing on nature and it’s interaction with civilization. Subterrestrial presents four tracks composed of field recordings (both processed and unprocessed) and minimal synth. Water erodes stone and structure alike and nature reclaims it’s providence.

1. The Methuselah Tree 10:16
2. The Old Water Tank 9:24
3. The Gate at the Beach 10:00
4. Water and Stone

Total length: 39:27
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz VBR MP3

Download from Treetrunk Records | Visit the Website

Friday, August 19, 2011

Between Stations - Sadayatana Podcast #39

Sadayatana is a live internet broadcast and archived podcast featuring Dark Ambient, Space Music, Experiment, Soundscapes and related styles. Focus is on both live performance and tracks culled from various netlabels. Their August 6th broadcast featured "Leviathan" from Subterrestrial's "Esoteric Zoo" album on Black Square Netlabel.

Download & Stream Podcast | Visit Sadayatana

(dis)PERSE Dispatch Episode #17

This podcast (apparently uploaded some time in April) features Subterrestrial's track "The Lava Tube" from our album "Nature is Infinite" on Webbed Hand Records. (dis)PERSE Dispatch is a weekly broadcast on DFM RTV, Netherlands produced and hosted by Alan Herrick of Auricular Records. Offerings include ambient, experimental, noise, soundart, shoegaze, glitch and difficult music as well as explorations of some of the latest offerings from netlabels and some rare archival material. Don’t be surprised if we have the occasional live in studio performance and/or interview as well.

Download & Stream Podcast | Visit (dis)PERSE Dispatch

Saturday, July 30, 2011

SUB007 Subterrestrial - "The City Beneath" (REMASTERED)

"The City Beneath" is a longform dark ambient piece inspired by the epic, groundbreaking 1927 science fiction silent film "Metropolis" by German director Fritz Lang. The composition explores the themes presented in the film and in particular, the subterranean city of the oppressed working class. The City Beneath" was composed and recorded in early May of 2010 and released as a CDr on Black Drone: 13 Series on May 13, 2010 (catalog # 13-7) in an edition of 26 copies. By 2011, "The City Beneath" was completely sold out and had gone out of print. The original recording was very slightly tweaked, cleaned up and overall remastered in late July 2011 and re-released on Subterrestrial Netlabel. New front and back covers were created from the original graphic materials.

1. The City Beneath 47:57

Total length: 47:57
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps

Download from Subterrestrial

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two New Subterrestrial Videos

It's amazing, the things you discover when you Google yourself. Or maybe I should just pay more attention to my YouTube friends? Anyway, this morning I discovered two new videos for Subterrestrial tracks on YouTube.

f1kc1a77 who previously released a video for "The Cellular Cosmology" has outdone herself again with a great video for "Beyond the 17 Layers, a Void."

Much love also goes out to GodofGUFT for his video of "The Bohemian Grove" from our album "Conspiracy Music".

Thanks, as always to the wonderful people who take the time to create these videos. As always, you have my eternal gratitude!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sirona-Records - [Siro071] to [Siro080]

From time to time, Sirona-Records releases album packs of ten consecutive albums from their rapidly growing catalog. The following pack contains roughly half a gigabyte of great music, including Subterrestrial's "Plasma Weapon". It's a great way to grab a whole bunch of wonderful creative commons music at once!

Download Album Pack [Siro071] to [Siro080] | Visit Sirona-Records

Saturday, July 9, 2011

v.a. - "Sounds Behind the Corner Vol. 2"

Sounds Behind the Corner is a prolific Italian-language webzine which covers a broad spectrum of dark underground music and Subterrestrial was very proud to be asked to contribute an exclusive track to their second free sampler. Please give this sampler a listen and help support the artists and Sounds Behind the Corner! Below are the release notes for this collection:

"Valerio Orlandini (here as Symbiosis) was several times in our writings, with his ascetic, dilated and rarefied sound: we present him here with a typical passage, he's an artist we want, also in the future, as a witness of a no-space, no-body sound.

Ira K-Organisation has the task of defending harsh industrial, he completes this mission with an obscure sense of pathological sound, phobic but dancey.

Adam Castillo lives in French Polynesia, one more reason why we have elected him as an appendix of our dreams! He's a great composer, that blends, as in an elegant long-drink, local ethnic flavors with world trance.

Meeting Art Of Empathy means to be captured by dark-folk, born between chanson-noir and languid melancholy: Rome or Death In June of “Accidental Protegé” live today in him, with the great cinematic meaning of his sound.

Emelyan XIII; It was immediate love for the romanticism of this Eastern boy: romantic is his land, full of literary links took by improbable or impossible love, and ideological death. His full-length conquers us between a smile and a tear, a drop of red blood in b/w background.

Gary lives in the Bay, and there's only one bay in the world, all the other ones are derived: it's California Bay, where dreams of freedom was born in S. Francisco, then there are the Concorde with which you can fly to slavery or liberty, Berkeley and ancients forests. Contradictions of a Nation, that Subterrestrial translates in music with phobic or ethereal, glacial or introspective albums: here it's a perfect and algid interlude, aesthetic without reverberations, linear as lot of his music.

Russia again: a land rich in underrated talents, because of the limited opportunities. We're not the mainstream, who seeks for profits in return, although we're asking for approvation, and Veell deserves to be hold in due consideration: his kind of IDM is linear, composed of regular geometries, sometimes cosmic sometimes watery. Listen to him and allow a chance to a great talent.

White Label Music gives us this track of the new English talented duo we loved immediately, maybe we're the first in Italy who have had the honour to talk about The Horn The Hunt. Music and theater, pop and wave, ethereal and fine brit rock are also in the track donated by the label.

French, and as in most of french combos there are a beautiful girl and a good musician; we hope that this rule remains, over time, and that it goes on to donate us an high-level eletroclash, like Shygirl's music.

Sagnik And Krishnaroop lead us in India, with their world-trance, which sinks the keyboards in the tradition and the tablas in the future, reversing any order, creating the new course of a nation that looks at the future, strong for cultural and mystical power of thousands of years.

Namastè to all of you who have listened to Behind The Corner Sounds Vol.2.
As with Vol 1, thanks to Jamendo, always a source of scouting, the opportunity to get in rope and watch the ocean of sound art, capturing the nuances, the small ripples, and proposing the best.
We thank all the labels that help us to grow, the artists who rely on us with confidence even in their first page, to which we respond with love for the music of a small site, but big in intent.
The editors (Nicola, Phaeton, Valentina), thanks all those who in the future will want to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed:
We are committed as ever to introduce the big names of the dark world, and the small certainties that come every week."

Download the sampler | Visit Sounds Behind the Corner

Saturday, June 25, 2011

v.a. - "10b1t"

Sirona-Records celebrates their 101st release with a massive lobit compilation covering nearly the entire spectrum of underground electronic music, from IDM and electronica to dark ambient and noise. Tracks range from 8 to 32kbps, for all of your mega-aliased audio needs.



01 - Syndrom - Fleeting Movements (0:50)
02 - Pollux - 02.20 (2:48)
03 - The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience - Overrated (LowBitEdition) (2:24)
04 - Ambiant Konnekt - Citrus (32kbps Edit) (3:48)
05 - Euan Cai Atkinson - My Music Coursework (Low Bitrate Version) (2:44)
06 - Graffiti Mechanism - Weak (1:37)
07 - Toxic Chicken - Beautiful Girl (2:53)
08 - Nuno Maltez - 32kbps Guitar For Sirona (2:34)
09 - Genetic Trance - Cassette Home (5:05)
10 - RO-or - GUITARRRing 32kbps (1:55)
11 - d0x10 - yxTqXot (3:14)
12 - Fabiorosho - ZRZ (3:14)
13 - Hlo - Anal Tapeworm Rave (Mash-up Of Tooth_Eye (Tooth_Eye Lobit Mix) (2:24)
14 - The Ambience Project - TAP Contre La Machine A Wub (3:30)
15 - Psycho Mum - I Hate Kids (2:43)
16 - Gert 2012 - Bye Bye $ (Bitcoin Flash Crash Mix) (2:52)
17 - Sven Meyer - A Game Boy In Africa (3:20)
18 - Koobaatoo Asparagus - Gas Went Up Agian Gosh Pitch in a Dolla (6:00)
19 - Lee Rosevere - City In The Cloud (5:54)
20 - Creix - Fogs Of Time (11:13)


01 - Panterhead - Backwards Uretro (3:17)
02 - Agent Switters - Hikikomori 32 kbit (0:49)
03 - Ghoul Skool - Untag Me On Facebook (2:19)
04 - The Pink Blob - Sexy Cat (2:17)
05 - Covolux - Till Death Do Us Part (6:10)
06 - Moonsugar - Suicide (4:44)
07 - Flashroyal & Vziel - Collabse)) (5:14)
08 - Packert Hell - We Fist Your Ears With Lobit Till It Hurts (PoptartMix) (3:33)
09 - Microbit Project - Sir Da Da (4:03)
10 - Hectic Head - Why You... (Hey Fuck) (lobit edit) (3:40)
11 - Subterrestrial - Incomprehensible Air (7:00)
12 - TTTRRRAAASSSHHH - Round One Scared Of Spiders Mix Mess Up (1:35)
13 - Iamdeadsmiles58 - Numb (Low Bitrate Version) (3:58)
14 - Lofist - Everyone Is Illigal (feat. Kai Nobuko) (2:48)
15 - Frikan Rhym - Duck Quack (1:41)
16 - Trans Atlantic Rage & Balogh - Red Bull And Speed (1:23)
17 - jjoth - NVDE (4:40)
18 - Khepera - 3 Over The 5 Carry The 1 (0:29)
19 - Sonore Fiction - Musrhum Party (2:02)
20 - Ploof - Lob1tribe (11:00)


01 - Cryovolcano - 138 (2:00)
02 - Elechronica - Telemetric Sky (3:27)
03 - Kai Nobuko - Lazy Times (2:36)
04 - Las Tocayas Tomateras - Me He Enamorado De Mi Tele (Natsunogogo Remix) (2:21)
05 - neuroSampler - Moon Scan 32kbps (3:25)
06 - Diamond Sea - Weeping Egos (3:37)
07 - arxo - Battery Free (3:45)
08 - Postmeshische - Glossy trousers out (1:50)
09 - Zoo Blot - Just Because You Are Blind (6:54)
10 - Gameboydork - Power Pill Dance (3:06)
11 - Lo Fi Rave Busters - 1997 (3:05)
12 - Sascha Muller - Mixomat (6:26)
13 - Arrhythmic Buddha - Azyl (2:41)
14 - Golgotha Communications Ltd. - Pink Point (1:59)
15 - Hlo - Clock Cant Set Who Fucked It Up (1:30)
16 - Master Toad - Tormentor of Time and Space (3:03)
17 - Zreen Toyz - Lost In Sewers (7:17)
18 - Ethnomite Pux - Track28 (1:02)
19 - Bedawang - Pepperhead (8kbps edit) (3:33)
20 - TO· GO· RO· NO· MI· KO - 2011/6/21 performance in Kouenji, Japan (10:54)

Total length: 03:39:42
Encoded at: 8-32kbps MP3, OGG

Download from Sirona-Records | Visit the Website

REVIEW: Static Soma "Ultrataker"

Introducing the latest side project from the Dutch dark ambient/industrial orb that is Vulture, Static Soma takes a decidedly minimalist approach. Eschewing dense layers of sound, "Ultrataker" focuses on dark, isolationist soundscapes. Sometimes pychedelic, sometimes with an ethereal feel. Equally palatable to fans of both noise and more ambient type of music.

Download from Vulture | Visit the Website

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jamendo Awards Contest

Jamendo is currently holding their first awards ceremony for creative commons artists and they are taking online nominations. If you are a Jamendo user or have considered signing up (it is free,) I humbly suggest you consider nominating Subterrestrial for the EXPERIMENTAL category. You may do so even if you have already nominated another artist for the experimental category (though you may only do so once per day.) Please consider nominating other artists as well for the experimental category, in addition to the other categories available. Contest details from Jamendo are as follows:

"From now until July 10th, nominate your favorite Jamendo artists in our seven categories. You can nominate once per day in each category.

After the nomination period, the top five artists in each category will move on to the final voting round.The voting round will run from July 11th-15th and each user will only be able to vote one time for each category.

The winning artist for each category will receive a $500 USD prize! Spread the word and support your favorite Jamendo artists!"

I'm not usually in the business of seeking monetary compensation for Subterrestrial's music, but a little extra income in these tough economic times is always welcome. Plus, who doesn't want fame and eternal glory? :) I thank you all for your consideration and support of Subterrestrial's music.

Vote in Jamendo Awards 2011 Contest | Sign on or register at Jamendo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

v.a. - "Now That's What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol. 2" 2 x Floppy Disk

The second in Diskette Etikette Rekords' series of retro-futurist compilations is out now! 14 tracks across 2 floppies, in plastic cases and limited to 35 copies.

Diskette A

1. Heirdrain - ...Be Scared
2. Consistency Nature - Omnipotent Bedlam at Bombay
3. Ugly Rumors - Eat Hamburger and Die
4. Zebra Mu - Mess
5. D//Cereghini - 121 Songs
6. Graffiti Mechanism - Ghetto Blaster

Diskette B

1. Subterrestrial - Amphibient
2. Rectal Twat - I Never Knew the Meaning of Disgust Until You Opened Your Legs
3. Paregorik - bn10
4. Meatpacker - Cages
5. Bjerga/Iversen - Chicken Run
6. Back to the Fucking Future - SD1
7. 1 + 1 = A Window - Wallpaper
8. Sascha Müller - Safety Through Seatbelts

Email neil.jennings84@googlemail.com to order a copy (£3.50 UK/£4.00 everywhere else), or visit the shop.

Also Subterrestrial's "Map of the Interior World" floppy disk ep which DER released last summer is down to it's last few copies. Order a copy from DER while it's still available!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Subterrestrial - "Plasma Weapon"

"Plasma Weapon" is a new album by Subterrestrial on Sirona-Records. Something a little bit different, this time out. The album features both dark ambient and lighter, ambient electronica. Very soundscape/soundtrack-ish, as I was channeling my passion for '80s video games and anime, movies like Blade Runner, etc.... for this one. Open your mind and give it a try!

01 - Mega City Tokyo (6:57)
02 - Plasma Weapon (5:51)
03 - 2032 (6:36)
04 - Morrigan (6:03)
05 - Night On The Galactic Railroad (4:06)
06 - Medusa (4:25)
07 - Trouble Consultants (4:42)
08 - Ghost Squadron (4:15)
09 - Born In The Lab (5:09)
10 - No-Fly Zone (Devil's Triangle II) (5:10)

Total length: 53:15
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps MP3, VBR MP3 & OGG

Download from Sirona-Records | Visit the Website

Sirona-Records is the new netlabel of French multi-genre producer Arnaud Barbe, AKA Pollux. He releases and promotes all styles of underground electronic music. Please download, give feedback and help support this great, new netlabel!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

TIBOL lobit radio show (episode 4)

TIBOL is a radio show (podcast) completely dedicated to lo bit music,
their artists and the unstoppable lobit netlabel scene. Their frequent broadcasts are hosted by dj Pollux (Pollux/Sirona Records) as well as various guest DJs. Their most recent show features a wealth of great tracks, including "Lost in the Games Grid" from Subterrestrial's "Insert Coin" ep on 4m@-records, as well as an interview with Consistency Nature! Please help support this great podcaster.

Download Podcast | Visit Tibol Lobit Radio

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mind Plug Records - The First Anniversary

Celebrating the first year of Mind Plug Records, label head Marc Fischer presents a free ambient intermix of some of the great music released on this label so far. A message and track list from our esteemed label head follows.

"This has been an exciting first year with some really great releases. Thanks to all who supported us!

We would like to celebrate this first anniversary with a special free download for all our fans - The First Anniversary mix: we have woven a track from each release that came out this year into to a dark, meditative, ritual, noisy soundscape.

We take off with Mikan's delightful Spacefalls. Subterrestrial's meditative High Sierra Breeze and Sunset Beach arise together at around (3:53). They are joined by Seetyca's ethereal Swamp Temple Sun (6.06), together melting their way throughout the first part of Mikan's mesmerizing The Way Back (6:52). Siamgda's ethnic Tribal Gathering takes over at (12:56), briefly visited by Siamgda feat. Morty's ritual Golden Prayer at (13:47), just before Neti Neti's harder-edged Circumdance (17:52) climbs its way through the Gathering up to the climax joined there by Siamgda's pulsating Mind Rotation at (18:15)."

Please feel free to download this free mix and help support Mind Plug Records.

Download from Soundcloud | Alternate Sendspace Link

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Download mirrors and Soundcloud

As you may know, in addition to Internet Archive all Subterrestrial Netlabel releases are also available from our download mirrors on Jamendo and Sonic Squirrel.

Also, the Subterrestrial Soundcloud page is now open. This page features demo tracks and works currently in progress. Downloading is disabled (they are works in progress, after all) but you are free to listen to tracks as many times as you like. Feedback is always welcome!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Subterrestrial - "The Cellular Cosmogony" music video

Just recently discovered a second fan created video from Subterrestrial's "We Live Inside" album, this time featuring the track "The Cellular Cosmogony." Thanks go out to Youtube user f1kc1a77 for creating this!

Previously, I posted a video featuring "Invisible Sun" and "Beyond the 17 Layers, a Void" from the same album. Please check it out, if you haven't already!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Subterrestrial interview

Subterrestrial was recently interviewed by University of Oregon Journalism student Ian McKivor. The interview has been posted on his journalism classes' blog and I'd like to invite you all to give it a quick read. Thanks!

Read the Subterrestrial interview

Friday, April 22, 2011

Xiled Radio - Show 70

Xiled Radio's April 21, 2011 broadcast, Show 70 by DJ Arcanus features dark ambient from First Fallen Star and Mind Plug Records. Subterrestrial's "High Sierra Breeze" from the recently released "Lake Tahoe" album on Mind Plug Records was amongst the set. Here is the complete set list:

Secret Druid Society - Restless (Foreboding) (00:00:00)
Innfallen - Light Returns (00:09:58)
Karsten Hamre - Darkness Gently Falling (00:17:43)
Dense Vision Shrine - Time Lost In Oblivion (00:26:15)
Seetyca - Swamp Temple Sun (00:33:32)
Mystified - Something Approching (00:39:14)
Subterrestrial - High Sierra Breeze (00:44:34)
Aspectee - Stuhlmann (00:51:01)
Siamgda - Paan Mouth (00:56:35)

Total length: 01:02:43
Encoded at 192Kbps

New shows from the Xiled Radio crew are posted weekly on Thursday evenings. You can download the podcasts or visit the website to stream and subscribe to their RSS feed. Please help support this great podcaster and the artists and labels who contribute their music!

Download podcast | Visit Xiled Radio website

Monday, April 11, 2011

"We Live Inside" promo video by InfernusGate

YouTube user InfernusGate has created a promo video for Subterrestrial's recently released "We Live Inside" album, featuring the tracks "Invisible Sun" and "Beyond the 17 Layers, a Void." Check it out and thanks for watching!

Visit InfernusGate's YouTube channel

Monday, April 4, 2011

Subterrestrial - "Nature is Infinite"

"Nature is Infinite" is Subterrestrial's first album for that foundation of ambient and experimental net audio; Webbed Hand Records. Richly orchestrated synth ambient inspired by experiences of the natural world. Featuring softsynths, classic keys and field recordings. Available now as high quality 320kbps MP3s.

Track List:
01 Nature is Infinite [06:02]
02 A Walk Along the Bank [06:33]
03 Cathedral Amongst the Redwoods [04:03]
04 The Lava Tube [04:06]
05 On a Clear Night You Can See for Light Years [07:25]
06 Shooting Stars [06:16]

Total length: 34:24
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 320Kbps MP3

Download from Webbed Hand | Visit the Website

Saturday, April 2, 2011

SUB006 Subterrestrial - "We Live Inside"

The second installment of Subterrestrial's series of hollow earth themed albums, "We Live Inside" is inspired by 19th century Utopian mystic Cyrus Reed Teed and his principle of "Cellular Cosmogony" or concave earth. Teed believed that the earth was not only hollow, but that we live on the inside surface. Subterrestrial channels atmospheric drone doom sounds for this outing. Interestingly enough, I actually uploaded this album earlier this week as I had time and it's already been downloaded 17 times!

1. The Cellular Cosmogony 9:30
2. Seven Mercurial Disks 7:48
3. The 24 Year Cycle 6:26
4. In the Hollow of His Hand 5:35
5. A Gently Oscillating Ocean of Magnetic and Spiritual Ecstasy 2:06
6. Invisible Sun 5:45
7. Beyond the 17 Layers, a Void 6:16

Total length: 43:24
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps

Download from Subterrestrial

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not the normal Shit radio March 19th 2011

NNSR is your weekly dose of experimentalism and street-art. Last Saturday's broadcast featured two tracks from Subterrestrial's recent "Transmissions from the Hollow Earth" album, amongst other sonic goodies. An archive file of the podcast can be downloaded. Please check it out and support this broadcaster!

Download podcast | Not the normal Shit radio

Sunday, March 27, 2011

v.a. - "BeSt of 10-11"

"BeSt of 10-11" - collection of the best tracks released by Black Square netlabel in the first year of its existence. 28 crucial tracks, including Subterrestrial's "Ezhdehā " from the album Esoteric Zoo released by Black Square back in October 2010. Tracklist includes:

01 Black Mouse - Soon I Will Be...
02 Gabran - Risotto & Mushrooms with Friends
03 Cagey House - Champion Major Monk
04 Cezary Gapik [aka CEZAR] - #0441
05 Bose Ensemble - UHT milk trauma
06 Melophobia - 02
07 Subterrestrial - Ezhdehā
08 Christophe Meulien - I can`t open the door
09 Thus The Tinsilemen - Fortune Teller
10 Yajna Vedana - Atma Shatakam
11 In_Cognitus - solv
12 Carlos Lemosh - Metal Meal Menu (不论什么)
13 Cameron Steele - Circa Circus
14 Syrtis Major - Death In Springtime
15 Paul Bailey - Music for Controllers VI
16 Radio For The Daydreamers - Leavin On A Sunday
17 Sanmi - I wish I could play Jazz
18 Geronimodeleon - A Cycle of Goodness
19 Fescal - Scampi with Marmite
20 John Storm - Lisa Carol Freemont
21 A Screaming Comes Across the Sky - I Love 1970s Experimental German Music
22 KraftiM - Jonoo
23 ZMG - p5
24 Skerror - Arboretum Interrogatum
25 Psychaotic - Monologue of Silence
26 Speculativism - I'm Not a Mouse
27 Hyaena Fierling Reich - rosa de lobo
28 Alexei Biryukoff - back home

Black Square netlabel is about synthesis between image and a sound, music and a photo.

Download from Black Square
| Visit the website

Monday, March 21, 2011

Subterrestrial - "Lake Tahoe" digital album

Formed some 2 million years ago by glacial action, Lake Tahoe is one of the world's deepest and largest alpine lakes. It is an area of unprecedented natural beauty and is something of a muse to Subterrestrial.

The album of the same name was composed and performed using acoustic (albeit sampler based) instruments and sounds exclusively. Drawing influence from dark ambient, darkwave, ethereal and world music, "Lake Tahoe"conveys the profound, divine natural beauty of the region that inspired it. This 14-track digital album can be previewed online now for free and the full download can be purchased in high quality MP3, FLAC and many other formats of your choosing. Over one hour of music for €8 EUR.

Preview & Purchase | Visit Mind Plug Records

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Editions of You" exhibition of special packaging releases

The Popular Music Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, UK has an ongoing project called Editions of You, whose aim is to celebrate and showcase self-publishing and self-releasing musicians and the handmade and unique editions and releases they create. They are holding a One-of-a-kind exhibition at the achingly chic O3 Gallery at Oxford Castle. The Exhibition is open from Saturday 26th March through Sunday 24th April 2011. The gallery is open 12 – 5 weekdays, 11 – 4 weekends, closed Mondays. They will be exhibiting, amongst other things Subterrestrial's "Map of the Interior World" floppy disc EP, which was released last summer by Diskette Etikette Rekords. They should also have a few copies on hand for purchase. If you are near the Oxford, UK area during this time feel free to drop by the exhibit and let me know what your impressions are (and send some photos please!)

Editions of You | 03 Gallery | Oxford Contemporary Music

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SUB005 Subterrestrial - "Transmissions from the Hollow Earth"

Subterrestrial presents "Transmissions from the Hollow Earth," minimal dark ambient dronescapes inspired by the electroacoustic musical explorations of '50-'60s radio labs. Composed and performed entirely in Berna, a software simulation of a late 1950s electroacoustic music studio.

1. Transmission 01 10:00
2. Transmission 02 10:00
3. Transmission 03 9:34
4. Transmission 04 9:59
5. Transmission 05 9:43
6. Transmission 06 9:44
7. Transmission 07 9:53
8. Transmission 08 9:23

Total length: 1:18:15
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps

Download from Subterrestrial

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"8th Circle Below" digital version now available as "name your price" release

"8th Circle Below," from Chimera Central features 8-bit dark ambient and noise from various artists around the world! Eleven original tracks that focus on the afterlife and range from peaceful moments to harsh, hellish oblivion. And for a limited time, the digital version of this compilation will be available as "name your price," meaning you can preview it for free and give whatever monetary compensation you feel is appropriate to the label! CD version also still available for purchase.

Download from Chimera Central