Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Subterrestrial - "The Old Water Tank"

New release on Mystified's Treetrunk Records netlabel. "The Old Water Tank" is Subterrestrial’s latest installment in an ongoing series of isolationist ambient works focusing on nature and it’s interaction with civilization. Subterrestrial presents four tracks composed of field recordings (both processed and unprocessed) and minimal synth. Water erodes stone and structure alike and nature reclaims it’s providence.

1. The Methuselah Tree 10:16
2. The Old Water Tank 9:24
3. The Gate at the Beach 10:00
4. Water and Stone

Total length: 39:27
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz VBR MP3

Download from Treetrunk Records | Visit the Website

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