Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"8th Circle Below" digital version now available as "name your price" release

"8th Circle Below," from Chimera Central features 8-bit dark ambient and noise from various artists around the world! Eleven original tracks that focus on the afterlife and range from peaceful moments to harsh, hellish oblivion. And for a limited time, the digital version of this compilation will be available as "name your price," meaning you can preview it for free and give whatever monetary compensation you feel is appropriate to the label! CD version also still available for purchase.

Download from Chimera Central

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sounds Behind the Corner

Sounds behind the corner is a new Italian language webzine focusing on dark ambient, industrial, drone, darkwave, neofolk, synthpop, EBM, ethereal and much more. They present insightful reviews, interviews and live reports. If you can't read Italian then Google Translate will be helpful (works for me!) Webmaster Nicola Tenani recently gave Subterrestrial's "Conspiracy Music" a stellar review. Send him your physical releases and download links for review!



Nicola Tenani
Via Bentivogli 46
40138 Bologna

Friday, February 18, 2011

REVIEW: Joris J/Ratbag - "Liar Paradox" split

New from kulturterrorismus netlabel comes a split by two great artists who I am getting to hear for the first time. Joris J and Ratbag epitomize true, traditional industrial music as it's meant to be played. Ratbag starts it off with some dark ambient atmospheres, punctuated by clangs and scrapes that are dampened, not jarring and mix well. The second track is a tightly composed harsh noise piece with low rumbles, high-pitched chirps and mid-range metallic drones. More industrial atmospheres are followed by Joris J's contribution, their first track starting off with some distorted bell tones that evolves into some aggressive sample & hold electronics. The next track starts off with some unplaceable '60s sample, then moves into a multi-layered drone passage. More ambient industrial atmospheres follow, with a short noise piece wrapping the split up. Diverse sounds that you can play in order or random for different flavors with every listen. Available as both VBR MP3 and Ogg Vorbis, highly recommened!

Download from kulturterrorismus | Visit the website

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

v.a. - "Chain Reaction"

Another new, epic compilation. Kopp Netlabel presents an ambient journey of vibrant soundscapes that tear the very fabric of time & space, taking your ears to places you never thought existed. Featuring excellent contributions from The Hare And The Moon, Bpolar, Dolorism, Lunatic Moe, Loki fun Lilith + Halgrath, D_e, Herr Schmitd hat Krach, Nosens, Intergalactic Wizard, Cousin Silas, Subterrestrial, Cezary Gapik, DEDALE(S), Wulgata, Petstov, No Way Out, Black Era, Mentalny Kolaps, d-brane, This Playground Earth, Hazelpark, Heirdrain, Covered Faces, Ablaze Eternal, Sanderson Dear, Mark Bradley, God Pussy and Tarmacians.

Download from Kopp Netlabel | Visit the Website

v.a. - "Owl Eater Hex"

The sixth and final volume of the Owl Eater project is now online.
A monster compilation covering the spectrum of underground experimental music, from noise to free jazz, to avant garde experimentation. 29 tracks by 29 artists, almost three hours of music. Featuring Metal Mother, Eraritjaritjaka, Jamison Williams, Subterrestrial, Abusive Consumer, Welby, Creep City, Churner, Loopool, Richard Kamerman, Second Thought, Cannibalistic Humanoid, Tree, Inappropriate King Live, Sick To The Back Teeth, Tracy Widdess, PBK, Atomic Populist Melt Machine, VWLS, absence.insolution, Sleep of Ages, Rain Symbols, A.R.GH, Arvo Zylo, Travis Johnson, Uncle Dave Lewis, Monuments Are No Good To The Dead, Screwtape and GET HARD.

Download from Owl Eater | Visit the Website

v.a. - "Fakebit Compilation 2011"

The 8bc Fakebit Comp 2011, fulfilling your non-purist chiptune needs for the front end of the new year :D This collection features some excellent contributions from Fragile Chaos!, FantomenK, Seence, Starpilot, Hexwolves, Awesome Force, el Musho, Byzantine, Subterrestrial, Decktonic, Knot_L0, _ensnare_, Dj Hollow Life and ant1.

Download from archive.org