Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Friday, April 29, 2011

Subterrestrial interview

Subterrestrial was recently interviewed by University of Oregon Journalism student Ian McKivor. The interview has been posted on his journalism classes' blog and I'd like to invite you all to give it a quick read. Thanks!

Read the Subterrestrial interview

Friday, April 22, 2011

Xiled Radio - Show 70

Xiled Radio's April 21, 2011 broadcast, Show 70 by DJ Arcanus features dark ambient from First Fallen Star and Mind Plug Records. Subterrestrial's "High Sierra Breeze" from the recently released "Lake Tahoe" album on Mind Plug Records was amongst the set. Here is the complete set list:

Secret Druid Society - Restless (Foreboding) (00:00:00)
Innfallen - Light Returns (00:09:58)
Karsten Hamre - Darkness Gently Falling (00:17:43)
Dense Vision Shrine - Time Lost In Oblivion (00:26:15)
Seetyca - Swamp Temple Sun (00:33:32)
Mystified - Something Approching (00:39:14)
Subterrestrial - High Sierra Breeze (00:44:34)
Aspectee - Stuhlmann (00:51:01)
Siamgda - Paan Mouth (00:56:35)

Total length: 01:02:43
Encoded at 192Kbps

New shows from the Xiled Radio crew are posted weekly on Thursday evenings. You can download the podcasts or visit the website to stream and subscribe to their RSS feed. Please help support this great podcaster and the artists and labels who contribute their music!

Download podcast | Visit Xiled Radio website

Monday, April 11, 2011

"We Live Inside" promo video by InfernusGate

YouTube user InfernusGate has created a promo video for Subterrestrial's recently released "We Live Inside" album, featuring the tracks "Invisible Sun" and "Beyond the 17 Layers, a Void." Check it out and thanks for watching!

Visit InfernusGate's YouTube channel

Monday, April 4, 2011

Subterrestrial - "Nature is Infinite"

"Nature is Infinite" is Subterrestrial's first album for that foundation of ambient and experimental net audio; Webbed Hand Records. Richly orchestrated synth ambient inspired by experiences of the natural world. Featuring softsynths, classic keys and field recordings. Available now as high quality 320kbps MP3s.

Track List:
01 Nature is Infinite [06:02]
02 A Walk Along the Bank [06:33]
03 Cathedral Amongst the Redwoods [04:03]
04 The Lava Tube [04:06]
05 On a Clear Night You Can See for Light Years [07:25]
06 Shooting Stars [06:16]

Total length: 34:24
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 320Kbps MP3

Download from Webbed Hand | Visit the Website

Saturday, April 2, 2011

SUB006 Subterrestrial - "We Live Inside"

The second installment of Subterrestrial's series of hollow earth themed albums, "We Live Inside" is inspired by 19th century Utopian mystic Cyrus Reed Teed and his principle of "Cellular Cosmogony" or concave earth. Teed believed that the earth was not only hollow, but that we live on the inside surface. Subterrestrial channels atmospheric drone doom sounds for this outing. Interestingly enough, I actually uploaded this album earlier this week as I had time and it's already been downloaded 17 times!

1. The Cellular Cosmogony 9:30
2. Seven Mercurial Disks 7:48
3. The 24 Year Cycle 6:26
4. In the Hollow of His Hand 5:35
5. A Gently Oscillating Ocean of Magnetic and Spiritual Ecstasy 2:06
6. Invisible Sun 5:45
7. Beyond the 17 Layers, a Void 6:16

Total length: 43:24
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps

Download from Subterrestrial