Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

REVIEW: Hellhaunt - "Filth Beast of Chaos"

As an old school metal head I am morally obligated to post a metal review at least once in a while on this blog. The only way to really describe Hellhaunt is to say that they sound like "Haunting the Chapel-era" Slayer in a knock down, drag out fight with Bathory in a dark alleyway, with an open sewer with dead bodies floating past. Likely to appeal to both old school metal heads and open-minded black metal fans alike, Hellhaunt is blackened thrash at it's filthiest. They have several albums on both CDr and net audio as well as their first two demos; "Hatecraft" and "Sea of Nausea" recently re-released on one ultra limited cassette. But my favorite is "Filth Beast of Chaos," maybe because it's the first HH album I heard, or maybe because it's just a great album to introduce someone to the band with. Get it now or have your face ripped off by undead wolves!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SUB004 Subterrestrial - "Conspiracy Music"

Subterrestrial welcomes the new year with our first new release of 2011. Inspired by secret societies and conspiracy theories, "Conspiracy Music" features over an hour of ethereal and hermetic-sounding melodic dark ambient music.

1. Bovine Mutilator 7:50
2. The Bohemian Grove 8:00
3. 322 8:08
4. October 13, 1307 8:04
5. Black Helicopters 8:08
6. Illuminati 15:34
7. Things Seen in the Sky 8:18

Total length: 1:04:01
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 320Kbps

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Not to be confused with "20 TONES OF THE APOCALYPSE," Datahex Record's "TONES OF THE APOCALYPSE" is an all new compilation featuring 18 exclusive, ball-busting tracks of harsh experimental noise.

Contributors include: Monuments Are No Good To The Dead, Second Thought, Casket Removal, Sleep of ages, Sang Mort, Knockdownboxes, Maggie Lugosi, Subterrestrial, Evening Gown, Cuntlicker, Agrippa, Black Rubber Glove, Zombie Battle Axe, American Indian Death Squad, Welby, Shiver, Loathings and Dan From Earth.

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