Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Subterrestrial - "Nature is Infinite"

"Nature is Infinite" is Subterrestrial's first album for that foundation of ambient and experimental net audio; Webbed Hand Records. Richly orchestrated synth ambient inspired by experiences of the natural world. Featuring softsynths, classic keys and field recordings. Available now as high quality 320kbps MP3s.

Track List:
01 Nature is Infinite [06:02]
02 A Walk Along the Bank [06:33]
03 Cathedral Amongst the Redwoods [04:03]
04 The Lava Tube [04:06]
05 On a Clear Night You Can See for Light Years [07:25]
06 Shooting Stars [06:16]

Total length: 34:24
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 320Kbps MP3

Download from Webbed Hand | Visit the Website

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John said...

Very Good Ambient Music, We live inside is also very intersting, Thanks!