Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jamendo Awards Contest

Jamendo is currently holding their first awards ceremony for creative commons artists and they are taking online nominations. If you are a Jamendo user or have considered signing up (it is free,) I humbly suggest you consider nominating Subterrestrial for the EXPERIMENTAL category. You may do so even if you have already nominated another artist for the experimental category (though you may only do so once per day.) Please consider nominating other artists as well for the experimental category, in addition to the other categories available. Contest details from Jamendo are as follows:

"From now until July 10th, nominate your favorite Jamendo artists in our seven categories. You can nominate once per day in each category.

After the nomination period, the top five artists in each category will move on to the final voting round.The voting round will run from July 11th-15th and each user will only be able to vote one time for each category.

The winning artist for each category will receive a $500 USD prize! Spread the word and support your favorite Jamendo artists!"

I'm not usually in the business of seeking monetary compensation for Subterrestrial's music, but a little extra income in these tough economic times is always welcome. Plus, who doesn't want fame and eternal glory? :) I thank you all for your consideration and support of Subterrestrial's music.

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Anonymous said...

Sauf que Jamendo a honteuse plagié et détourné un concept créé par des artiste du site, en 2009. (Voir ce sujet: http://jamendo-chroniques.over-blog.net/article-jamendo-awards-2011-le-grand-vol-de-jamendo-76903554.html)