Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Monday, February 27, 2012

Klangboot Radio #029 Automat 20120225

Klangboot Radio is a podcast show, featuring ambient, electronica and soundscapes. Their February 25th podcast featured an excerpt from the title track to Subterrestrial's upcoming "Lifeform" album. Please see Klangboot's website for complete playlist, streaming and download options.

Download Podcast | Visit Klangboot

Did you know that Subterrestrial also has a Soundcloud page where we upload various demos and other unreleased works in progress? Check us out!


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vulture said...

Hello Gary, It's been a while, but I just got a new computer & I'm planning to continue my blog next month. I've got a lot to figure out jet, like how to upload music, but I guess I'll manage. I wanted to ask you if it is alright to post a link to "dead but dreaming"
I love that album! I'm downloading some of your newer stuff right now, curious what you've been up to!
I'm sorry, I should've mailed you this, but I can't find it now... I hope you're doing fine! we'll talk some other time. cheers, V