Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Monday, October 31, 2011

SUB009 Subterrestrial - "Dead But Dreaming"

"Dead But Dreaming" is a dark ambient tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, a virtual soundtrack to the Cthulu Mythos. Creeping atmospheres inspired by the ancient nightmares portrayed in his fiction work. Happy Halloween!

1. Strange Aeons 7:30
2. The Colour Out of Space 12:16
3. Necronomicon 8:12
4. Abdul Alhazred 5:55
5. The Dreams in the Witch House 7:12
6. Dream City of R'lyeh 7:36
7. The Whisperer in Darkness 6:51

Total length: 55:32
Encoded at: 44.100 KHz 192Kbps

Download from Subterrestrial

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