Experimental music for experimental people....

Experimental music for experimental people....

Sunday, May 25, 2014

v.a. - "[Deep] Into The Abyss"

First off, just wanted to let you all know that I'm not dead and I haven't quite fallen off of (or into) the face of the Earth yet. By now, it's obvious that Subterrestrial is on some sort of hiatus that may continue for some time, so please bear with me.

It is however time to say goodbye to a dear friend, beloved Chase Records Netlabel. Here is a message and parting gift from label head Remi.

"After 9 years of dedication to free underground electronic music, I've reached to the decision that the time has come for Chase Records Netlabel to plunge into the depths of the Internet ocean, probably forever.

Yes, dear friends and listeners, you've guessed it, this means Chase Records will stops its activities with that 60th and LAST release.

But in any mean I could stop the label without putting all my efforts in trying to offer a last groundbreaking release. So, for this last session I've contacted various artists I love, from all around the world, to ask them to create / send a track they feel to be related with the theme of the abyss. I give them a white card to submit what could be their ideal soundtrack for a diving to the darkest depths of the ocean.

I had the pleasure of having Remi ask me to contribute a Subterrestrial track to this monumental release. Included is a dark ambient drum & bass number called "Dockside Scuffle", which appeared previously on Subterrestrial's soundcloud. The track needed some mix work, so I brought the drums much more forward. If you've heard it before, please check out this new mix, along with all the other great material on this compilation. Thanks to Remi for his years of service to creative commons music!

Download FLAC and 320 from Chase Records | Visit the website